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Giving Options

Here at Christ Lutheran, We see our giving as an act of worship as we give back to the Lord from all that He has provided for us. That includes our time, talents and treasures, which of course includes our money. We don't give because God needs our money, but as a demonstration that God is our top priority. We give to make it possible for others to Experience Christ's Love as we have, Through our ministries here and through our larger church body at work in the world, including missionaries around the globe. Whether it's our Feed The Hungry Program, our support of Lutheran Bible Translators in Africa, our Christian Education of our children, providing a place for the families of inmates incarcerated in Arizona to video conference with them, or any of the many other projects and ministries we're engaged in, every dollar given helps support our WHY for our church; to help People Experience Christ's Love.

If you're interested in helping support our mission, you have several secure options. You may make a one-time gift or set up something to be transferred as frequently as you wish. You can always make changes to the amount, date of transfer or method of payment anytime you wish, or to cancel at anytime.

Some people prefer to have their gifts taken directly from their bank account to help save costs to the church, but donations provided by Debit or Credit Cards are appreciated just as much. (We do encourage you to be careful with your use of credit cards, which have sadly caused serious debt problems for some people.)

Thank you for whatever support you're able to provide! We promise that we will make the best use of every dollar you give and hope you know that every dollar you give, makes a difference.

If you need some guidance, click HERE for a tutorial video on how to use this service.

1. Online CLICK HERE

2. Text message

TEXT the word, "Give" to:


3. Mail your gift to:

Christ Lutheran Church

595 Kapiolani Street
Hilo, HI 96720

Thank you for your support!

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