Human Care


Sunday WORSHIP 8:00AM & 10:30AM In Person

Human Care

Everyone at some point finds themselves in a place where they need a little help or encouragement. Sometimes that help comes in the form of time together in fellowship and at other times it may be through resources. Our Human Care team serves both those inside as well as outside of our congregation.

Feed the Hungry

The “Feeding the Hungry” (FTH) Program started in 1991 and began with a few volunteers and some local churches serving sandwiches each Sunday in a downtown park. The program, which is spearheaded by Christ Lutheran, now consists of over 70 volunteers from 5 different churches. The FTH program serves one of the few hot meals for people in need. Every Sunday a FTH team of volunteers prepares and serves a dinner at the downtown Hilo Salvation Army. There are no restrictions on who are served – kids, adults, seniors, the homeless, and those who have trouble making ends meet. Many from Christ Lutheran have offered countless hours over 28 years serving hot meals and showing Christ’s love to those in our community who are in need.

Senior Fellowship Lunch

Due to COVID, this group is not meeting. Held the fourth Thursday of each month, this gathering begins at 11:30AM and lasts about an hour and a half. After some time to visit, there's an opening devotion and prayer and then lunch is served and lots of visiting follows. While the name implies a certain age, all are welcome to enjoy this time of fellowship. There are plenty of stories and tales shared, time for support and care for one another, and an opportunity to invite someone to Experience Christ's Love in a non-threatening gathering of fun-loving people.


We have a group who are exploring some fun trails. Everyone is invited. 

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